Podporujeme rodiny s dětmi s handicapem, aby mohly žít stejný život jako jejich zdraví vrstevníci.

Centrum Orion, z.s.

Dlouhá Ves 116, Rychnov nad Kneznou, Czech Republic


www.OS-ORION.eu, e-mail: OS.ORION @seznam.cz

tel.: +420 494 530 079


Let us introduce You our Civil Association of Families and Friends of disabled children ORION in a town called Rychnov nad Kněžnou in the Czech Republic.

Rychnov n. K. is a small district town in the Eagle Mountains. It is a magic place in the north-east of our republic, close to the borders with Poland. Mountains here are very beautiful, though not very high. A visitor who comes here is surely surprised by all things our area can offer. There are many new tourist and cycling paths – worthy to know closer in any season of the year. Snowy tops invite skiers; the spring is splendid with its power and energy as the nature wakes up. In summer many tourists come. They love to learn more about new places of our country. It’s possible to mix it with sport and relaxation activities of course. And what about the autumn? It’s simply magnificent with its colourful pallet; the nature shows all people how great painter it can be all around. In our region there are many various châteaus, castles, mansions and ruins of the castles. Recently there are newly built view-towers, swimming pools, aqua parks and sport areas. You can also find here many family hotels and recreational facilities that invite visitors from all around the world to stay. And our Association also works in this region. Even though one can find, in such a beautiful and relatively environmentally clean area, many families that solve many troubles prepared by the unexpected life itself.

We take care about families with disabled children. Children are handicapped and mental disabled, they are old from 3 to 35 years.

Our Association activities started in 1998. We prepared happenings where people met each other, we were thinking over the situation together and were brainstorming what we would be able to offer our children to improve their health conditions and furthermore to bring them such activities which are common for fit kids.

We offer disabled children free time afternoon activities in our Association base. They come here regularly to take part in the afternoon workshops – art, music, PC. They also work here during their therapies – EEG biofeedback, logopaedia, canistherapy, hipotherapy.

For whole families we prepare community activities – meetings full of games, competitions and fun. These are targeted not only for disabled kids but also for their healthy siblings and parents. We take trips together or recondition stays. Everybody can exchange their experience; they can openly talk not only about their problems but also about their joys which are so much specific that they exceed problems in the families with healthy children. One of the most important benefits is that they exchange information about physiotherapy, doctors, and specialists or about educating of disabled children.

We offer families with disabled children such possibilities to empower the family, keep their cohesion in order to be able and willing to bring up their disabled child in love. And also to accept the handicap and learn how to live and cope with it.

We arrange various lectures for parents. There they can get information about other possibilities how to work with children; we offer them a chance to take consultations with different specialists in order not to resign to this situation. Therefore it is needed to see around them other families that were also solving similar problems, they did not give up, they continued with the situation and they did not stop working with the children. It is not possible to leave children unattended – it is necessary to educate them, keep their brain working, and stimulate it. One of the requirements while working with such children is to support their own independence and self-action – to guide the children so they can become people who will be dependent on the neighbourhood at the minimum level.

We believe that the disabled children need to have a colourful life as well as the other children. They also need to meet other people, new environment and to watch everything around them. The disabled children need a goal-directed and specific stimulation, various forms of physiotherapy, but also a contact with peers in the same age – even a child with a severe handicap is an important part of the community.

These are the reasons why activities of the Civil Association of Families and Friends of disabled children ORION are focused on mutual meetings of parents with disabled children and on consultant services in the area of compensation facilities, new treatment methods, education of disabled children etc. We show parents new perspectives that can move their lives forward.

The positive benefit of our association is also the fact that employees who coordinate the activities in CA ORION are also mothers of disabled children – other parents can feel that we cope with the their whole situation with respect and that we can understand their situation more.  They trust us when they come to talk to us, when they need to advise, help with problems that occur based on the level of their child’s handicap.

Currently we cooperate with 60 families in the region Rychnov nad Kněžnou who choose from our range of services - consultancy, afternoon hobby/workshop activities and supportive therapy.

Our association also gives a personal assistance to 80 children in the primary and nursery schools. We employ 20 people as personal assistants. Thanks to these assistance services, children can attend, without any problems, schools where they get higher special care. Families also take advantage in our assistance help during the afternoon activities – during the workshops or directly at home. The main aim of our association is to give the same chance to disabled children – the personal assistant is exactly the right choice to enable children to develop themselves in their home environment.

This September we started to provide new social services – The Centre of Daily Services ORION - activating centre for young people who finished their school education. They need not stay at home and their mother takes care of them. Or when both parents work, young people do not have to be put to institutional  care with the operating through the whole year.

Based to our close cooperation with families that care for disabled children, we know that parents would love to improve their current situation more – they want to be in a daily contact with their children also in their older life stage. They want to have a clear overview about their activities and lives and they would like to provide them the best conditions for their lifestyle.

A child, who attends the school, learns something new all the time, gains much information and improves his/her independence. But when he/she is 20 years old and over, after finishing compulsory school attendance, he/she has to stay at home. He/she naturally starts forgetting things they had learnt; he/she will become more and more dependent on help around him/her. Thanks to the Centre activities, children would not stay at home but they would be involved in many activities and they would be able to do it under the supervision despite of their handicap. With the assistance help they would be able to learn and develop more. Even more disabled children would receive whole daily care, physiotherapy etc.

We also want to search for a more suitable work for less disabled children in the normal companies in the form of supported jobs. We want to allow them to live independently in a partially way, to increase their self-sufficiency to find their own place in the world, so they can even be beneficial for our society.

That is why we understand the Centre realisation as the only possibility to allow disabled children to live worthy and meaningful life.

Our Association is an unprofitable organisation. We gain all our financial funds for daily operations in the form of grants and sponsorship help.

We are going to gather financial funds for the Centre establishment from the European Structural Funds. We know the administrative part is very challenging nevertheless we have our own experience from several previously successful projects.

The biggest issue we have identified so far is to get and then to pay for the reconstruction and equipment building given to the Daily Centre of services ORION  and together in the same time defining the following project concept.

Our  bank account – it´s the account commited only for reconstruction activities.

IBAN: CZ29 0800 0000 9411 8773 7399


Česká spořitelna, Staré náměstí, Rychnov nad Kněžnou


In the Czech Republic we can not find many similar projects and Centres of the same type. Although such support centres are very useful and searched by families to be used by.  We believe that we will success to realize our project of Daily activating centre. That we will enable the better life quality of children with health handicaps and also to their families even in future. At the same time we will be able to show that also such people can enrich our society. Furthermore the care in this Centre will be considerably less expensive for the government compared to all-year funding of institutional care about these people.

We would like to invite You to visit us and our Centre ORION in Rychnov nad Kněžnou. When you plan visiting the Czech Republic again, please try to add our destination to your schedule. We would be very pleased to welcome you here. During this occasion we can show you our activities and outline you our project to build up Daily activating centre ORION for young disabled people.

You can find more information about us on our web pages:


(Not all pages are in English though we keep translating them.)


PharmDr. Ilona Mikušová                                Mgr. Miroslava Červinková

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